Dragon Boat Festival Elderly Care Programme 2018 - Volunteer Services

While the Dragon Boat Festival is approaching, CR Construction and parent company CZCGHKL once again cooperated with Choi Hung Community Centre for Senior Citizens of Yang Memorial Methodist Social Service to participate in the Dragon Boat Festival Elderly Care Programme 2018.

This year, the volunteer services was once again warmly welcomed and enthusiastically participated by colleagues. The corporate management also took the lead in contribution. More than 100 employees made donations while nearly 60 employees formed the volunteer with their family and friends to send the Dragon Boat Festival gift pack and care to the elderly in Wong Tai Sin District, on 2 June.

CZCGHKL and CR Construction have always value the spirit of community serving. In the future, we will continue to organize or participate in meaningful volunteer service activities. We hope to utilize the company's strength to gather the love of our colleagues and serve the one in need.